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Shots glasses 6pc

Shots glasses 6pc

Recycled shots glasses in a set of 6 from our recycled glass collection available in 5 different colors. Whether as Shots at a party or as a beautiful decorative tableware at home. These colorful glasses will bring joy to everyone.

Handmade: The color intensity of the glasses may vary minimally from the image, as not machine finished.

Dary diameter : 4.5cm – height : 5cm.

All glass products are dishwasher safe and were made by hand in an environmentally friendly way. Not suitable for hot drinks above 50 C!

All glasses contain small inclusions, bumps on the rim, air bubbles and on the bottom as a feature the separation point, which was reground (see picture).

Earn up to 400 points.
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In ancient Egypt colored glass was a special material used for the production of various objects. To this day, the methods used by craftsmen in glass recycling haven’t undergone any drastic changes. To be able to handcraft recycled glass products, old glass scraps of any kind must first be collected, melted in stone furnaces and finally recycled into new glass products.

This process allows to create raw glass in a wide variety of colours, which can then be shaped as desired.

The entire production process is manual, i.e. the goods are hand-blown and each piece is unique.

The goods can have various irregularities such as small bubbles.



Baby Blue, Dark Blue, Green, Grey, Turquoise


Recycled Glass


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