Our brand element and trademark include the name “Maison Zoe”, the logo, graphics and any other words, phrases, images or other references that identify Maison Zoe as the source or origin of a product.

Our logo is a black rectangle, rounded corners with a white inscription of “Maison Zoe Handmade Accessories”. It is not allowed to modify them in any way, nor to apply filters to them. The logo and the barcode on products must be clearly visible on products. Any removal of the mentioned will be considered against our terms and policy.


Claims received 5 days after delivery of goods will be rejected.

As each product is meticulously controlled at the end of production, a picture will be required for any claim concerning quality. The claim shall include a description of the defect, your order number and photos of the defect. All claims shall be sent by e-mail to Maison Zoe ’s support team at:

If there are any defects or shortcomings in quantity in the delivered order, this shall be notified to Maison Zoe in writing immediately after receiving the order. Maison Zoe shall not be liable for any defects or shortcomings in quantity whatsoever if you have not informed us with 5 days after receiving your order.

If there are any visual damage to the packaging, this needs to be claimed to the parcel delivery man and has to be noted on the delivery slip so that Maison Zoe can claim the damage to the carrier. Failing this, you will be liable for the damage.

In Case of breakage noticed while unpacking after the departure of the carrier, a picture of the broken product in original Maison Zoe packing will be required for any claim.

After checking your claim and photos, if Maison Zoe recognizes that the product supplied was defective, Maison Zoe would only be bound to replace the product or to refund the product without any other compensation of any kind.

In addition Maison Zoe reserve the right to not refund the shipping cost for products damaged during transport.

In case of any contestation, you can not link previous claims or to current claims.

Apart from all claims, you are in no instances entitled to return purchased products to Maison Zoe.

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