How it started?

Palm Leaves

Robust long palm leaves have always been used in various regions of the world for braiding. The raw material is hand-dried, processed and sewn together.

With the right technology, it is possible to shape the leaves as desired, so as to produce numerous commodities from this diverse material.

The use of natural raw materials and their high-quality processing gives the product an ecological flair with an authentic smell. The processed raw materials come from local cultivation.

100% hand-picked and processed

100% organic


Copper has been used in its earliest days as a versatile material for the production of various goods due to its excellent properties.

Valuables such as coins or art objects, but also useful items such as cutlery or crockery were made of copper.

Its high flexibility allows highest precision in processing to metal goods with fine embellishments and complex shapes.


Crochet is a method of textile processing in which threads and crochet hooks are used to create and combine stitches.

Crochet is a much younger technique than knitting. many things were crocheted as early as the 13th century, whereas knitting did not come until the 18th century.

This is why carpets are still being made using the crochet method, because they allow the most beautiful patterns to be produced according to your wishes and measurements.

Sheesham Wood

A solid ebony, whose heartwood is excellently suited for the production of noble wood goods. It is harvested by hand, processed and sealed.

The objects are always unique because of the distinctive grain of the interior. It comes from plantations, therefore no natural forests were harmed for the production of these goods.
100% organic

Recycled Glass

Remains of glass of any kind are collected, melted down and recycled into glassware. This process produces raw glass in a wide variety of colors, which can then be shaped as desired.

The complete production runs manually, that is, the goods are mouth-blown and each piece is unique. The goods may have various irregularities such as small blisters or the portion of the raw glass.
100% organic


Ceramics are made of clay that is mixed with water and other substances, shaped by hand and cured in the oven.

During the hardening process in the oven, the products glaze, which gives them certain colors. The complete production runs manually, that is, the goods are hand-shaped and each piece is unique.

By hand processing, the goods may have various irregularities in colors or dimensions.

Alabaster Stone

A translucent, marble-like stone that, due to its natural structure and grains, is excellently suited as a material for all sorts of art objects and has been used since ancient times.
100% handmade, polished and engraved. A perfect alternative to avoid direct exposure and brighten up spaces with a translucent candle.

The fine lines of the structure of the alabaster also make each piece a unique piece. A massive raw material whose products impress with their robustness. The processed raw materials come from local mining

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