(1) These General Terms and Conditions shall apply to all deliveries from Maison Zoe (hereinafter “ Maison Zoe ”) to the Buyer (hereinafter “Buyer”), unless otherwise agreed to by Maison Zoe in writing.

(2) Any terms and conditions proposed by Buyer, which are different from or in addition to the terms in these General Terms and Conditions shall not be binding upon Maison Zoe and shall be void and of no effect, except to the extent expressly accepted by Maison Zoe in writing.



(1) The following regulations concerning the conclusion of the contract apply to orders via our internet shop https://business.maison-zoe.com/.

(2) In the case of the conclusion of the contract, the contract is concluded with

e.K Nakhla
Maison Zoe
Ramez Nakhla
Theodor-Brauer-Straße 35
D-51063 Cologne
Registernummer HRA 32048
Registergericht District court Cologne

(3) A purchase order from Buyer constitutes Buyer’s offer to Maison Zoe , and it will only become a binding agreement between the parties, upon Maison Zoe ’s acceptance in writing by order confirmation or otherwise.

(4) On receipt of an order in our internet shop the following regulations apply:
The Buyer makes a binding offer to enter a contract by successfully completing the ordering procedure provided in our internet shop.

The order is placed in the following steps:

1. Register to the internet shop and let verify your account to see the prices.

2. Login to the Internet shop after verification of your registration and entering the login details (e-mail address and password).

3. Select the desired goods.

4. Check the information and bulk prices for each product, kindly check the availability of Stock.

5. Confirm your order by clicking on the “Order” button.

6. Check the information in the shopping cart, update your shipping address to check your shipping cost.

7. Press the button “Checkout”.

8. Check & correct the respective data entered.

9. Please add you VAT number if your company is based in the European union, do not leave any space before or after your VAT number

10. Binding order by clicking the button “place order”.

We will confirm the receipt of the order immediately by an automatically generated e-mail (“order confirmation”). With this we accept your offer.

(5) Storage of the contract text for orders via our internet shop : We store the contract text and send you the order data and our AGB by e-mail. You can also view the AGB at any time at https://business.maison-zoe.com/terms-conditions/.
You can view your past orders in our customer area under My account –> Orders.



(1) All prices are exclusive of VAT, taxes, duties, customs and other charges and fees.

(2) Maison Zoe will only cover extraordinary costs that arise in the country of dispatch, Germany.
Other costs, such as customs duties, customs control (physical or scan control) which are incurred during arrival in the country of destination are to be paid by the buyer.

(3) Our Products are sold at the current price of the day of the order. Maison Zoe reserves the right to adjust prices at any time in case of changes in customs duties, levies, taxes, handicraft costs, currency conditions or other terms and conditions

(4) The delivery costs depend on the total weight of your order. Depending on the zone, a fixed amount and cost per kg is calculated. The zones can be found in at the bottom of this page.

(5) All fragile products are packed with foam sheets, wrapping bubbles or paper. Drop Proof has been tested and passed.

(6) For DHL parcel and container shipping we use cardboard boxes. If the buyer wishes the delivery additionally on pallets, he must mention this in the checkout before confirming the order under Order note. Maison Zoe grants the booking on pallets from 3000€ order in the shopping cart.

(7) Maison Zoe charges an extra fee of 15€ per wooden pallet and 20€ per plastic pallet. The buyer gets a separate invoice with the calculation of pallets qunatity needed for the order.

(8) Any request to change a purchase order needs to be received by Maison Zoe within 3 working days from receipt of order confirmation to avoid any cancellation fees. In case the products have already been dispatched, a fee for the return of the products shall be paid by the Buyer.

(9) Without any permission of Maison Zoe, the Buyer may not sell the products under the total RRP( Recommended retail price). Our minimum total RRP are available on our customer online shop www.maison-zoe.com or can be sent to the Buyer upon request via email.

(10) The Buyer has the possibility of payment by bank transfer, direct debit, paypal or credit card (Visa and Mastercard).

(11) If the Buyer has chosen Bank transfer, he undertakes to pay the purchase price immediately after conclusion of the contract.



(1) Maison Zoe uses the delivery services of DHL.

Unless otherwise confirmed by MAISON ZOE in writing, the products shall be delivered as follows:

1) If the stock in the product description noted as in stock, then it is ready for shipment within 1 to 3 days.

2) If the stock in the product description noted as backordered and the total order of the Buyer is less than 2000€, then it is ready for shipment within 4 to 6 weeks.

3) If the stock in the product description noted as backordered and the total order of the Buyer is more than 2000€, then it is ready for shipment within 4 to 8 weeks.

4) The exact delivery date depends on the zone to which the order is to be delivered. The Buyer will receive an E-Mail with the shipping confirmation. The different zones can be seen on Packing & Shipping page.

5) In case of Bank transfer, we will start working on your order after receiving a proof of the Bank transfer.

6) If the end of the period falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday at the place of delivery, the period shall end on the next working day.


(1) Maison Zoe retains title to the products sold to Buyer until payment has been effected in full with the addition of interest and possible costs. Buyer shall not be entitled to make arrangements that limit Maison Zoe ’s retention of ownership.



(1) Our brand element and trademark include the name “Maison Zoe”, the logo, graphics and any other words, phrases, images or other references that identify Maison Zoe as the source or origin of a product.

(2) Our logo is a black rectangle, rounded corners with a white inscription of “Maison Zoe Handmade Accessories”. It is not allowed to modify them in any way, nor to apply filters to them. The logo and the barcode on products must be clearly visible on products. Any removal of the mentioned will be considered against our terms and policy.


(1) Claims received 5 days after delivery of goods will be rejected.

(2) As each product is meticulously controlled at the end of production, a picture will be required for any claim concerning quality. The claim shall include a description of the defect, your order number and photos of the defect. All claims shall be sent by e-mail to Maison Zoe ’s support team at: partner@maison-zoe.com.

(3) If there are any defects or shortcomings in quantity in the delivered order, this shall be notified to Maison Zoe in writing immediately after receiving the order. Maison Zoe shall not be liable for any defects or shortcomings in quantity whatsoever if you have not informed us with 5 days after receiving your order.

(4) If there are any visual damage to the packaging, this needs to be claimed to the parcel delivery man and has to be noted on the delivery slip so that Maison Zoe can claim the damage to the carrier. Failing this, you will be liable for the damage.

(5) In Case of breakage noticed while unpacking after the departure of the carrier, a picture of the broken product in original Maison Zoe packing will be required for any claim.

(6) After checking your claim and photos, if Maison Zoe recognizes that the product supplied was defective, Maison Zoe would only be bound to replace the product or to refund the product without any other compensation of any kind.

(7) In addition Maison Zoe reserve the right to not refund the shipping cost for products damaged during transport.

(8) In case of any contestation, you can not link previous claims or to current claims.

(9) Apart from all claims, you are in no instances entitled to return purchased products to Maison Zoe.


(1) Maison Zoe shall in no case be liable for any indirect or consequential loss or damage.

(2) Maison Zoe total and aggregate liability under or in connection with any purchase order shall in no case exceed the invoiced amount of such purchase order.

(3) Maison Zoe shall not be liable for any errors in digital catalog submitted to Buyer.


§9 Code of Conduct

(1) We have subjected ourselves to the codes of conduct of the following institutions:

Trustami GmbH
Schröderstraße 5
10115 Berlin

You can access the Trustami Code of Conduct by clicking on the Trustami-Seal placed on our website or under https://www.trustami.com/erfahrung/maison-zoe-com-bewertung



Our customer service for questions, complaints and objections is available on weekdays between 8 and 22 o’clock

Telephone: 0221 305 015 05
E-Mail: partner@maison-zoe.com


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