Welcome to Maison Zoe. Our vision is to bring handicraft back to light in the age of digitization and to offer many people handmade products made of high-quality materials. That is why we proudly carry the title 100% Handmade Home Accessories on all our Collection!

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Sheesham Wood

When you are looking for products that are made from environmentally friendly raw materials, you are mostly looking for materials that guarantee you quality today and minimize future damage to the environment and your health, which is now known as sustainable development.

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Types of glass

We are often attracted to glass products. If you take a closer look, you will find the charm, the elegance and an unmatched precision in the production. Many people prefer to buy glass products because they are luxurious. They decorate our places by placing them as decorations and use them for various things in our daily life.

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In time of mass production, less and less emphasis is put on the quality of the products and more on the quantity. We want to counteract this process with help of our Maison Zoe brand. We offer you handmade household products as well as home accessories made from sustainable and ecological materials, which are reflected in the quality of the products. Our artisans make them with many years of experience and a lot of passion for their work, so that we have set ourselves the goal of supporting and spreading the results of their handicrafts from Egypt all over the world.

In our shop you will find the best selected goods from the categories kitchentextile, lamps, bags and baskets as well as countless other beautiful items. Whether vases made of copper or recycled glasstable lamps and candle holders made of alabaster stones or bowls made of Sheesham wood, we are sure you will find what you are looking for. Everyone wants to have something special. Why not take a crocheted handbag to a party in the evening or decorate the table with glazed ceramic plates? Make your loved ones and yourself a pleasure with the handmade home accessories by Maison Zoe.