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Amos Tea light holder

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Amos Tea light holder

This tealight holder is cleverly worked, in pure copper in the form of a semi-oval body with a notch to insert a tea light candle on top. It is also pierced with small, precise holes over the entire surface.

  • Copper tealight holder by Maison Zoe
  • Diameter: 13 / height: 9
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable directly from the manufacturer
  • 100% handmade: each item is unique in color and shape
  • elegant tealight holder for pleasant evenings
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Due to its excellent properties copper have been used since the early times as a versatile material for the production of various goods.

Such as valuables or works of art, but also useful items such as cutlery and tableware. Its great flexibility allows the highest precision in creating fine embellishments and complex shapes.

Weight 0,75 kg
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 9 cm







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