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Oval Palm Basket Set of 3

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Oval Palm Basket Set of 3

A set of sturdy oval baskets in different sizes with matching lids decorated with elegant stripes. It has been hand woven from dried palm leaves and is very sturdy. It can be used for many purposes, for example in the laundry room or in the bathroom.

  • Set of 3 oval basket by Maison Zoe
  • Basket 1 External dimensions (WxDxH): approximately 30x24x14.5 cm basket 2 External dimensions (WxDxH): approximately 16.5×13.5×18.5 cm basket 3 External dimensions
  • (WxDxH): approximately 12.5×9.5×4.5 cm
  • 100% handmade: Each piece is a unique piece in color and shape
  • The baskets are suitable for the storage of small objects such as toys or children’s jewelry

Palm leaves

Long, sturdy palm leaves have always been used in various parts of the world for basketry. The raw material is dried, processed and sewn by hand. With the right technique, it is possible to shape the leaves as you wish, in order to make many everyday objects from this diverse material.

The use of natural raw materials and their high quality treatment give the product an ecological touch with an authentic smell. The processed raw materials come from the local culture.

100% harvested by hand

100% ecological

Weight 2 kg

Palm Leaves


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