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Napoleon glass vase

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Napoleon glass vase

A glass of wine glass vase in clear glass with a relatively small diameter as a base. Available in different finishes where the length of the glass varies. High quality clear glass with thick bottom and crystal clear texture. Available in different sizes

  • Blown glass vase and handmade by Maison Zoe
  • Cylinder Vase height: 23 cm diameter: 18 cm
  • Clear glass hot cut
  • Decorative suitable for flowers, candles or decorative stones
  • Decoration not included in delivery


We need to be aware of everything we use in our daily life. The glass has a pronounced transparency. Depending on taste, glasses with a lot and little transparency can be produced. They can be decorated, dyed and shaped as desired. We use glass products as objects in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Because of the current decorative variety of glass, we let many pieces shine in new splendor and put our house on stage.

A final characteristic that distinguishes glass from other materials is that it is absolutely harmless to the environment, both for humans and for animals. It is very important that you or your children are not injured and that your environment is not contaminated.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 23 cm





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