Sheesham Wood

When you are looking for products that are made from environmentally friendly raw materials, you are mostly looking for materials that guarantee you quality today and minimize future damage to the environment and your health, which is now known as sustainable development.

Sustainable development means protecting the environment today and doing everything possible for the growth and development of society without harming it. This also includes the realization of projects that meet the needs of people in all areas, including the area of raw materials. Nowadays, raw materials play a bigger role in our lives than ever, and we make this clear on our website with our range. In the following article we will look at wood as one of the most environmentally friendly materials

What is wood?

For us humans, trees are one of the most important suppliers of raw materials. For decades, people have been using it to produce wood, which is then processed for a wide variety of things. Due to the different nature of the trees and the diversity of the wood components, there are different types of wood in this world.

Wood as the most environmentally friendly material

Environmentally friendly materials are substances or materials that are used for various purposes without harming or polluting the environment. There are many environmentally friendly materials, including wood, which is characterized as one of the organic materials with different elements. With its long lifespan, the wood is therefore also ideal for insulating moisture, heat and noise.

The best sustainable types of wood

One of the best known types of wood is beech. It is preferred in the furniture industry for its stiffness and high strength.

Mahogany is also a solid wood, which is characterized by its red color and is imported from Africa and America. There are different types of this. Arrow is also one of the best types of wood and although it is expensive compared to some other types of wood, it is involved in the manufacture of many wood products and decorations.

Other varieties are imported from America, Sweden, India and other countries, such as teak, oak, swedish, musk, wawa and pine.

Why do we use sheesham wood or better known rosewood?

Sheesham is one of the most famous trees. It is 25 meters high and has a width of approximately 180 cm in diameter. Originally discovered by the Swedish botanist Nils Dahlberg, this tree grows near rivers.

Advantages of Sheesham wood

The Egyptians have always used the wood for economic purposes by placing seeds in the water for two days and waiting for them to grow within two to three weeks. This tree species needs sand or mixed soil and its tree top can tolerate temperatures between 0 and 50 degrees Celsius.

If you want to make your own wood, you have to plant the tree for about twenty years and dry another 4 years after cutting until you can process the wood. Have you now recognized the reasons for the scarcity and the high price of this rare wood?

Use of Sheesham wood

The rare and high quality rosewood is used in a number of exquisite products that are also environmentally friendly and sustainable. The ancient Egyptians used it to make pots, coffins and art objects. Today you can find Shessham wood in use in the kitchen, for example, as bowls and kitchen utensils. Wooden products can not only expand your range of tableware, but make every meal something special. They are sturdy and durable. Convince yourself in our shop.

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