Palm Leaves

The most important feature of products from nature are good products that do not pollute the environment and can be used in a sustainable manner and used in the best possible way.

Nowadays, palm trees are of great importance to us, since they are perennial trees with firm roots and various uses. The date palm is one for dates, dry palm leaves and fiber. Due to the many components, it is an important source for the manufacturing industry.

Palm Leaves and their properties

In order to be able to produce a palm basket, a craftsman needs palm fronds or wicker of a date palm, which resembles the feathers in its external appearance.

A large basket requires an average of 120 to 240 of these palm leaves, which are air-dried before processing. This fades the natural green color and in turn makes the leaves fine and robust.

After drying, the basket can finally be woven. So that the leaves remain deformable, they are immersed in the water for a certain time. In the end, the manufacturer cuts off the remaining leaves and checks the strength of the baskets.

Have you ever had a palm basket in your hands? Take a tour of the photo gallery, be inspired and share your first impressions with us.

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