Types of glass

We are often attracted to glass products. If you take a closer look, you will find the charm, the elegance and an unmatched precision in the production. Many people prefer to buy glass products because they are luxurious. They decorate our places by placing them as decorations and use them for various things in our daily life.

But which glass is best suited for the manufacture of our high-end products?

For this, we need to know for the first time what glass is and how glass is made. The basic material of glass is usually 75% silica, the remaining components are calcium oxide and sodium oxide as well as sand, limestone, iron chromite and other components. To manufacture glass, all materials are heated to a very high temperature and as soon as a viscous liquid is formed, this liquid is brought into the desired shape by various processes such as decanting into molds or blowing up in the blast furnace. Sand is involved in the manufacture of glass in enormous quantities, but there are many types in which sand does not fully penetrate.


The most famous types of glass

Does the glass only differ in shape? Imagine that the glass of your glasses has the same composition as the glass of your car. Unimaginable or? Depending on the quality, refinement and durability, you can choose between different types of glass.

Glass porcelain is a type of glass that is produced at very high temperatures because it is resistant to extremely high temperatures. It is often used in the manufacture of thermal pots and mugs.

Another type of glass, fire-resistant glass, also protects our lives to a certain extent. The glass has several layers, which makes it bulletproof and is involved in the manufacture of, for example, combat aircraft.

Some of you cannot imagine that glass or fiberglass is used in the clothing industry. It’s really hard to imagine, but in the end it’s an amazing fact. A mixture of glass and plastic creates a clothing material that is used particularly by firefighters. It not only protects firefighters from burns, but also enables you to get people out of fires.

In addition to the types of glass mentioned above, there are other types of glass and glass names today, such as heat-resistant glass and invisible glass, safety glass and opal glass, and foam glass and flat glass.

We mainly use modern glass in the manufacture of our products. It is made from ore by melting sand and powder at high temperatures and then pouring this mixture into iron models to get the desired shape. This type of modern glass gives you the shape you want. The thickness of the glass itself and the transparency are very high.

Another type of glass that we process and use in the manufacture of our products is recycled glass, which, as their name suggests, is recycled glass that was previously collected and melted in high temperature furnaces. There is a little colored powder in the oven to make the glass according to the manufacturer’s request

color and then shape by hand. This type of glass is not only characterized by its beauty and color difference, but is also environmentally friendly and sustainable. With us you get every product made of recycled glass in eight different colors, which means that there are no limits when it comes to decorating your living space.

Advantages of glass

We have to be aware of everything we use in our everyday life. Glass has a pronounced transparency. Depending on your taste, glasses can be made with a lot and little transparency. You can decorate them, color them and shape them as you wish. We use the glass products as items in the kitchen or bathroom. Due to today’s variety of glass decorations, we let many rooms shine in new splendor and stage our home.

One final feature that distinguishes glass from other materials is that it is completely harmless to the environment, both for humans and for animals. It is very important that you or your children are not harmed and that your environment is not contaminated. We would like to encourage you to use products made from the best types of glass, where you can feel the quality and give your home a special atmosphere. What do you think of a tour in our gallery? Click here for the tour!

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