Alabaster is a type of white ore mineral that is formed by chemical deposits in the form of stones. It is characterized by its bright white, its soft texture and its high hardness.

When was alabaster used and how was it used?

It has been used in temples and houses of ancient Egyptian civilization for thousands of years. Alabaster vessels were once found in the treasures of King Tutankhamun. Before marble appeared, alabaster tools used to be used only by the rich. Today, alabaster is used as an alternative to marble in the manufacture of statues and other tools.

Are there different types of alabaster?

Alabaster stone can be found in many places. An old alabaster variety is characterized by its transparency and milky, white color and is known as “alabastrite”. Alabastrite occurs mainly in Egypt and is one of the most famous and oldest species. This milky-white alabaster can also be found in the southern Pyrenees, which are located southwest of Europe and represent the natural border between France and Spain. In Taormina (Sicily) you can find the alabaster in red-yellow color. Light yellow and transparent alabaster with white waves, on the other hand, is located on the island of Gozo (near Malta). Other alabaster species also exist in Asia.

What is the difference between handmade alabaster products and other machine-made products?

Of course, there is a big difference between hand-made and machine-made products. Handmade products are characterized by their precision, taste and art. Alabaster artists are skilled and handle stones with care. They only use their fingers and simple tools like radiators, axes, jacquard and chisels.

Alabaster construction is an activity that requires more effort from an artist or sculptor than other similar craft activities such as sculpture and ceramic construction. It is a very cumbersome craft because it requires a lot of care in the preparation and formation of stones.

Why should you buy lights made of alabaster?

There are many products and works of art with which you can give your home a distinctive touch. Give your dinner more romance with candle holders made of alabaster or beautify your bedroom with the bedside lamps made of alabaster. The fine strands that cross the alabaster stone with soft, yellow light ensure more comfort and relaxation in every place after a hard day’s work.

The lamps and candle holders differ in shape, size and color. They come in square, circular and other beautiful shapes. Each piece is unique in its shape and color. You can find the whole selection under the material alabaster here. Use the products in your home or give your loved ones a nice gift for Christmas or birthday, for example.

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