Differences in the glass molding process

Glass is one of the oldest materials in mankind. For the first time in 3,000 BC, glass was made by hand in Mesopotamia and Egypt. At that time mainly small vessels and jewelry were made from the glass. Glass is a material made from quartz sand, limestone and soda using a certain technology by mixing them together. The types of glass differ in the manufacturing methods and the elements that are added to the basic materials during manufacture. Each epoch and culture had developed its own method, and so the most varied types of glass emerged over time.

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Our Projects

Maison Zoe – a sustainable and environmentally friendly project of today

The project was launched over three years ago under the brand name Maison Zoe and aimed to revitalize a number of professions and industries that, despite their long history and depth, have almost disappeared in ancient Egyptian civilization. Imagine that you have a sustainable and environmentally friendly product that ancient pharaohs used to decorate their temples and palaces. Would be a great feeling, right?

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